ATA Tournament

                  ATA Tournament February 2014
               Saturday, February 22. 2014
Time: Registration 8am  ---- Shoot Begins 9am
           Practice Shooting : 8am - 8:30
               5 shots $1.00 -------------25 Shots $5.00

Location: The Independence County Shooting Sports Complex
                      3600 North Saint Louis Street
                       Batesville, Arkansas 72501
                                870-698-0361( Range Number)
                          email address

** All registration/ ATA Tournaments will be done by computer programs .
This will speed registration and streamline scores & shoot times.

Event#1      (100 )16 Yard Single Targets

                   Targets & Prizes                   $26.00 Fee
                   ATA Fees ( once daily)            $3.00
                   A.S.T.F. Fees ( once daily)      $3.00

Prize to class winner: Champion ,AA-A-B-C-D- Lady-Senior Vet-Vet Junior -Sub Junior

Event #2      100 ( Handicap Targets)
                      Targets & Prizes                     $26.00

Event#3          20 Pair ( Doubles Targets)

                           Targets & Prizes                 $26.00
*Prizes to class winner: Champion -A -B-C

** All events will be shot 100 to a trap( White Flyer Solid Orange Targets) 
** Targets will be thrown with Pat Trap voice activated releases on all traps.

**All ATA Rules and regulations will govern the shoot .

** The range is not responsible for accidents.

**Shoot at your own risk

** All or any events may be altered or cancelled entirely for any reason without prior notice if deemed necessary by shoot management.

** All Shooters must be ATA members & A.S.T.F. members .

*** You may join one or both at the shoot.

*** Ear & Eye Protection is Manatory to participate in any event.

Please call if you have any questions... 870-698-0361

Come out and Shoot / First Shoot of the Year 2014

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