2015 ATA Tournaments

Big 50 Fri. November 13

The Independence County
Shooting Sports Complex

3600 North Saint Street
Batesville, Arkansas 72501
(870) 698- 0361

Big 50 Events 
No prizes or awards
Event Target Fees $15

ATA Fee $1.50 (No State Fee)

Non-ATA shooters may shoot (unregistered targets) with ATA competitors

Registration: 12 Noon
Shoot Starts: 1:00 pm

Full Tournament
Registration: 8:00 am
Shoot Starts: 9:00 am
Practice rounds 8:00 am - 8:30 am
5 shots for $1.00 & 25 shots for $5.00
ATA  FEE $3.00
ASTF FEE $3.00

Event #1 Singles  (100 Targets) $30.00
Prizes to class winner: Champion, A-B-C-D- Lady, Senior Vet- Vet- Junior, Sub-Junior

Event #2 Handicap   (100 Targets)  $30.00
Prizes to yardage winner: Champion, 18-21 yd., 22-24 yd., 25-27 yd.

Event # 3 Doubles   (50 Pair)  $30.00
Prize to class winners: Champion, A-B-C

Full ATA Events
  • All regular ATA events will be shot 100 to a trap (solid orange White Flyer Targets).

  • Pat Trap voice releases used on all traps. 
  • All ATA Rules and Regulations will govern the shoot. The range is not responsible for accidents. You will shoot at your own risk. All events may be altered or cancelled entirely for any reason without prior notice if deemed necessary by shoot management. 
  • All shooters must be ATA Members. All Arkansas shooters must be ASTF members. You may join both organizations at the shoot. 
  • Eye and Ear Protection is Mandatory to participate in any event.