CHCB Trap Tournament

To print off the registration form click on the picture below. A new page with the complete form will come up and from there you will be able to print off the form. *
Please read the information provided below in reference to the Christain Health Center Tournament.
**** Please read carefully : The following information applies to the winner of the car on Saturday , September 14 , for the" Christain Health Center Tournament":
* 1. If the winning shooter of the car is under 18 years of age ,a parent or guardian must sign for the vehicle and assume all the responsibilities for the necessary taxes and insurance associated with winning the car.
*2.Any shooter winning the car of legal age will also assume all necessary taxes and insurance associated with winning the car.
*3. Shooters who are not eligible to win the car are professional, semi-professional or shooters that have participated in the olympics .
*4. The Independence County Shooting Sports Commission are not the sponsors of this tournament and do not have any responsibility for any issues related to the advertisement, gifts, or promotional materials related to the tournament. 
* No Practice Rounds will be allowed.