Dove Season Tournament

              Dove Season Tournament
                    Handicap Tournament
                       Saturday, August 31, 2013
                    The Paul H "Rocky" Willmuth
                        Shooting Sports Complex
                         3600 North Saint Louis
                      Batesville,Arkansas 72501
       Registration: 10:00 am   ****** Shoot Time 11:00 am
                               Cost : $10.00 Entry Fee
                                  Handicap Shoot
  Two Rounds of 25 - First round at 16 yard line, second round handicap determined by result of first round.
            (25 shots on the first round means 25 yard line on second, etc..)
          If 16 or less on first round , stay on 16 yard line for second round.
                                      Prizes 1st. 2nd.3rd. Place
                                    Call or email for Pre- Registration
         Come Out For Some Fun!!!!!!!