October ATA Shoot

 Saturday October 27th  , 2012h

Independence County Shooting Sports

Batesville, Arkansas 72501

Registration Starts-8:00 Shoot Starts 9:00 a.m. 

 Practice  8:00 - :8:30 a.m. Practice Round 25 targets- $5.00/ 5 targets-$1.00


SPECIAL CATEGORY SHOOTERS must declare their category at time of classification and will compete in that category.

EVENT I           100 (16 yard Single Targets)

                   Targets & Awards                               $26.00

                    AWARDS:    CHAMPION  - AA -A -B - C - D    

                                     LADY - SR. VET, VET, JR 1ST - JR 2ND - JR 3RD

                                    SUB-JR 1ST - SUB-JR 2ND, SUB JR 3RD.


EVENT II        100 (Handicap Targets )

                  Targets & Awards                                   $26.00

                       AWARDS:        Champion Yardage  18-21yd( Short) , 22-24 yd (Mid), 25-27 yd (Long)

EVENT III         50 pair (Double Targets)

                       Targets & Awards                                   $26.00

                        AWARDS:            CHAMPION, 2ND, and 3RD Place 

OTHER FEES (Once daily) ATA $3.00 - ASTF $3.00

FOOD and DRINKS will be available for purchase.

 All events will be shot 100 to a trap. White Flyer Orange Dome/Orange Rim Target will be thrown.  Pat Traps with voice releases on all traps. 

All ATA rules and regulations will govern this shoot.  Not responsible for accidents.  Shoot at your own risk.  All events may be altered or cancelled entirely for any reason without prior notice if deemed necessary by shoot management.


All shooters must be ATA members.  All Arkansas shooters must be Arkansas State Trapshooting Federation members.  You may join ATA at the shoot.  Eye and Ear protection is mandatory to participate in any event.

To Preregister: Call Pam Stewart@  870-612-2565  after 4:00 p.m. or

send an email to pamdonstewart@suddenlink.net

For further assistance call: Independence County Shooting Sports 870-698-0361 

All shooters must show proof membership renewal for 2012-2013 or a new score card. 

 Paul H “Rocky “ Willmuth
Shooting Sports Complex

3600 North Saint Louis
Batesville, Arkansas 72501
Phone: 870.698.0361