Spring League 2016



Friends of the range will host a SPRING 3 PERSON LEAGUE that will start March 3rd and run for 8 weeks ending on April 21st.

The targets will be 50 singles each week.

The cost is $45.00 per person registration fee and then the target fee of $6.00 for adults and $4.00 for students each Thursday.

Registered and non-registered shooters are allowed to shoot on the same team.

No substitutions will be allowed once the league has started.  

Team trophies will be given for champion and runner-up in each class. Individual trophy for HOA will also be given.

There will be four classes. A, B, C and D based on the total score average of a team. The team score average will be determined after the eight weeks of competition is complete. Example: team a shoots a total of 1135 out of 1200 targets. The team average will be 94.5%. Using the ATA 4 Class system the team would be placed in B Class.

Thursday will be the only designated day to shoot league targets. Should a team member fail to shoot on the designated league day, a penalty score will become his or her score for that week. The penalty score for each shooter will be determined after the first three weeks of competition. Example: Don shoots 35 the 1st week, 47 the 2nd week and 41 the 3rd week. The total three weeks scores is 123. Divide that by 3 equals 41. A three bird penalty for not shooting will be deducted from the 41 for a score of 38. 38 becomes Don’s penalty score each week he fails to shoot.  If a shooter misses any of the 1st three weeks of competition, the score for the week they miss will be a zero. Example: Don shoots 35 the 1st week, does not shoot the 2nd week and shoots a 48 the 3rd week, the 2nd week will result in a zero. The three weeks score would be 35 + 0 + 48 for an average score of 27.6. 28 minus 3 birds equals Don’s penalty score of 25 for each week he does not shoot. ALSO THE SHOOTER  FAILING TO SHOOT ANY LEAGUE DAY WILL STILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR THE TARGETS FOR THAT DAY. SO BE SURE WHEN YOU SET UP YOUR TEAMS TO MAKE SURE THAT THE TEAM MEMBERS ARE COMMITED TO SHOOTING EVERY THURSDAY.

April 28th will be the league awards and cook out at the range. The menu will be grilled steaks, baked potatoes, tea and lemonade provided by the range. Team members will be asked to bring a dessert or a salad.

Teams will need to be pre-registered at INDEPENDENCE COUNTY SHOOTING SPORTS by March 3rd. See the registration form on the next page.




Team Name: _________________________________________


Team Captain: ________________________________________   Starting Post: ____

2nd Team Member: _____________________________________  Starting Post: ____

3rd Team Member: _____________________________________   Starting Post: ____


The range manager has sole authority over all decisions concerning all matters pertaining to any aspect of the shoot.

By singing below, the above named team members have read, understand and agree to abide by the rules of the 3 Person Spring League held at the Independence County Shooting Sports starting March 3rd and ending April 21st.


Team member: ______________________________   Date: _________

Team Member: ______________________________   Date: _________

Team Member: ______________________________   Date: _________


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Feb 26, 2016, 6:50 AM