The Arkansas real estate market has been rising over the past few years. According to the local Realtors, real estate markets all over the state are extremely strong and indicate no signs of going down.

Arkansas has turned into a seller’s market. After keeping away from the real estate market during the recession, more millennials are now considering it, which shows that more people have gained confidence in the Arkansas real estate market.

Do you desire to buy a home in Arkansas? Buying a home for the first time is an exciting, emotional, and exhausting experience. But you may be wondering, Am I missing something? Well, this is a common question for first time home buyers. This article will highlight five things that you should know when shopping for a home in Arkansas.

1. Assess Your Financial Situation

If you intend to take out a mortgage to buy your home, you need to know how your economic situation will impact your buying options. Here are some financial factors that need to be in a good state before you buy a house.

  • Credit score: While there is a low-credit loan, you need to have a score of 620 for any conventional loan; if you have a lower credit score than that, you need to begin working on raising it immediately.
  • Down payment: You will require a down payment of at least 20% if you want a conventional loan

2. Make a Choice of the Right Neighborhood

A neighborhood is as essential as a house’s features and layout. Generally, it would be best if you considered a few factors to determine which location suites you best. These are:

  • Local lifestyles: A neighborhood may impact your life from the kids’ school to your daily commute to where you can go out for dinner.
  • Home values: Checking out a neighborhood’s average home values will help you see if living there is affordable.
A neighborhood is as essential as a house’s features and layout.

3. Get Pre-Approved For Some Mortgage

Most home sellers will not show you their property if you don’t come with any mortgage pre-approval letter. They won’t want to waste time with a buyer who is not financially ready to make an offer.

Being pre-approved for some mortgage will give the seller and your confidence that if your offer is accepted, you will be able to receive financing and then close the deal.

4. Begin a House Hunt in Arkansas

The fun part of buying a house is getting to look at homes. Looking at a variety of homes can help you decide what qualities and amenities you desire. Here’s a guide to finding and buying a home.

Are you looking for a condo or a more traditional home? Make a list of things you want before starting your house hunt.

5. Final Closing and Walkthrough

When the time comes to close, you can do the house’s final inspection to ensure it is in the condition you expect it to be. As much as you may be excited about the buying process’s conclusion, remain focused not to miss anything.

During the final walkthrough, make sure you inspect the ceilings, floors, and walls for cracks, peeling paint or chipped, or any other imperfections.

Be sure to perform a final walkthrough before signing the closing documents on your new place.


Buying a home is a time-consuming and an involved process. However, it shouldn’t overwhelm you. If you have the best agent working with you and know the steps that you need to prepare for, you will find a perfect home within your price range in Arkansas.

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