Arkansas is one of the most beautiful places to visit and to live in the US. It has a vast wilderness and beautiful open skies under which you can explore it’s hiking meccas and the beautiful and wild Ozarks. Also, the cost of living in Arkansas is much more affordable than most states in the US. Along with cost-of-living, the crime rates, public transport availability, and the education system are all big factors in Arkansas’ favor.

There are numerous places to set down roots in Arkansas that all have these advantages. Listed below are a few unique options and will satisfy anyone looking to relocate to the beautiful state of Arkansas.

Little Flock

This tiny town, the population at 2,700 people, is one of the safest and quietest places in Arkansas to relocate to. First home buyers love this area as the typical home value is below 200,000. However, this does not mean that the homes available are not quality. Many are your standard 3 bedroom and 2 bath single-family homes that have been kept up extremely well.

It is just to the northeast of Bentonville and gives easy access to similar larger towns.


This slightly bigger town is home to around 10,000 people and is technically considered a Bentonville City branch. However, it is a town unto itself and can supply residents with many great amenities.

Families will be delighted by this small Arkansas City. The public school system is phenomenal from elementary to high school level.

The median home value is under 150,000, and the median income is right under $60,000. The cost of living and the income level will be sure to attract those seeking to take the next step in their life.


In the northwest of Arkansas, Fayetteville is one of the state’s larger cities. With a population of nearly 80,000 people, this is the perfect first destination for those seeking city life at a reasonable cost—rent averages around $700.

The area is very diverse in its ethnicities and has a robust and educated population, with over 20% holding at or above a master’s degree.

Investors will like this Arkansas town as well rentals are extremely available purchase and at great cost.

Cammack Village

This tiny community is only home to around a thousand people, yet the size does not diminish the amenities and wonderful atmosphere this Arkansas Town presents.

Though the housing cost is higher than average, a little over 200,000, the available properties are beautifully maintained, and renters also have many options to find a beautiful place if they are unable to own.

This tiny town is one of the safest in Arkansas at their population is low, their income is high, and the culture built in the city is one of security and neighborly relations.


Walmart originally started in the town of Bentonville. The home to Walmart contains a population of around 40,000 people.

Lower than the national average, the home cost is around $175,000, and many homes feature larger property areas than most other towns.

Low crime rates and an outstanding public school system make Bentonville one of the best places to move to Arkansas.

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